Old books and maps

British Moths and their transformations

Vol 1&2 

by Humphreys and Westwood


Volume 1  57 plates
Volume 2 74 plates

 All plates in good condition but slightly browning with age

Binding good ,minor damage to spine Vol1.

Price £2200
incl.postage UK

Bate's Dispensatory,

third edition

Translated from the Latin Pharmacpoeia  Bateana 

by William Salmon


740 pages ,A collection of recipes for 'Spirits, Tinctures.Magisteries,Syrups,Salts,Elixirs and Oils to remedy all known ailments'

Spine damaged and some waterstain  but all legible

Price £2200

Agricultural implements of the Roman World 

by KD White

An academic book describing with drawings hand held and horse / ox drawn machines

Cambridge University Press 1967 230 pages 16 photographs

Price £85 .