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    A John Lane was mayor of High Wycombe 1683-1685
Thomas Lane (1582 – 31 December 1652) was an English lawyer and politician who sat in the House of Commons variously between 1625 and 1648.
- born in Hughendon ,source Wikipedia  




From the High Wycombe newsletter NUMBER 135 SPRING 2005 …caring about our town: past, present and future Registered Charity No. 257897 :


On the south wall of the south chapel of High Wycombe church there are three brass inscriptions, one in black letter to Margaret Trone, who died in 1588, another to Robert Kempe, 1621, and the third undated, but of the 17th century, to Margaret and Mary, the wives of John Lane.

 On a brass plate in the chancel : —

In memory of the truly virtuous and faithful wives of John Lane of this Town,

Margery and Mary.

As earth to bodyes, soe heaven to sacred soule's the center,

Through this the one by death, yet that the other by heavenly life doth enter

 Almshouses, founded and endowed by will of John Lane, proved 18 November 1675, consist of two cottages in Crendon Street two poor widows or two other poor old people. The endowment fund now consists of £1,353 3s. 7d. consols with the official trustees, arising from the sales in 1869 and 1870 of property in Amersham and Great Missenden, devised by the testator. The yearly dividends, amounting to £33 16s. 4d., are applied in weekly payments to the almspeople, £2 in Christmas gifts, and £2 2s. for clerk's salary.



John Lane, late of Hammersmith, in the County of Middlesex, Esquire,

by his Will dated 2nd January, 1674, devised two little Tenements in

Cornell Lane (now called Crendon Street), in Chipping Wycombe, with

their appurtenances, for almshouses for the habitation of two poor widows,

or two other poor old people, as the major part of his friends and persons

thereinafter named or appointed to be overseers thereof, should choose out

of the poor inhabitants of Chipping Wycombe aforesaid ; and he gave and

appointed for the maintenance of the same charitable use, his messuage and

lands thereunto belonging, and therewith then used, in Great Missenden,

which he bought of William Pratt, and also the little close of land, which he

bought of Robert Lane, in Great Missenden aforesaid ; and his two tene-

ments in Agmondesham (Amersham), which he bought of William Mead,

and purchased in his own name, and in the name of Andrew Hale ; and he

appointed to each of his said poor almspeople 40s. in money, yearly, to be

paid at or about the feasts of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist,

Michaelmas, St. Thomas, and Lady-day, by equal portions; and every

second year, or once in two years, the sum of 25s. to be bestowed in cloth

for a gown for each of them, or 10s. one year and 15^. the other year of

those two years, as in the discretion of the said trustees thereinafter named

for the ordering and governing of the same, or the major part of them,

should seem fit for the need or use of the said poor people ; and for the

better raising of the said maintenance and monies for the said poor, as also

for raising the sum of 10s. yearly to be kept in the bank for the repairing of

the said devised messuages, lands, and tenements, and other 10s. yearly for

the charges of the yearly meetings of his trustees or three of them ; the said

Testator thereby nominated and appointed trustees and overseers therein

named, and thereby directed, that if one or more of his said trustees should die, that then the major part of the surviving trustees should choose in the

place of them so dying such person or persons as they should think fit for

filling up the number of six ; and the Testator devised to his said trustees,

their executors, administrators, and assigns, his said messuages, lands and

tenements, which he bought of William Pratt, and all his estate and interest

therein, which was a lease therein to come for the term of about 380 years,

and the said close bought of Robert Lane, and also his tenement in

Agmondesham, to hold to them their heirs and assigns in trust, for the

charitable use aforesaid, and willed that his heir or heirs should confirm his

said gift and appointment. The Testator died in the year 1675, and his

Will was proved in the Prerogative Court, on the 18th November in the

same year. The property belonging to the Charity recently consisted of —

 Two cottages in Wheldon Street, Amersham.

 Also an allotment under the Amersham Inclosure, containing about two


 A house and carpenter's workshop, outbuildings, and garden, and

4 a. 2 r. 29 p. of pasture and arable land at Great Missenden, yielding an

annual rent of ,£86 1 is. od. (less income tax). All the properties have been

sold, except the Almshouses, and the purchase money has been invested in

the Consols, in the name of the Official Trustee of Charities ; the dividends

are applied for the benefit of the Charity.

 The Almspeople receive 6s. per week each, and 2£ each at Christmas.

The trusts of this Charity are declared by a Deed approved by the Court of