Elias Lane of High Wycombe


Descendants of Elias Lane

source Hazel Langford



Generation No. 1


1.  ELIAS1 LANE was born 1620.  He married ELIZA KEENE. 


Children of ELIAS LANE and ELIZA KEENE are:

2.                i.       THOMAS2 LANE, b. 1645, High Wycombe; d. Bef. 1711.

3.               ii.       JOHN LANE, b. 1647, High Wycombe.

                 iii.       ELIAS LANE, b. 1644, High Wycombe; d. 1711; m. MARY ALLEN, December 21, 1695, All Saints High Wycombe.


Notes for ELIAS LANE: Assuming this  is the will of   Elias b.1644

The will of Elias

In the Name of God Amen  

I Elias Lane of the Burrough of Chipping Wycombe in the

County of Bucks Carrier being sick and weak but of sound and

disposing mind and memory (blessed be God) do make and

ordain ### my last Will and Testament in manner and form

following (vizt) ffirst I commend my Soul to God and my body

to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executrix

hereinafter named And as touching the disposal of my worldly

Goods and Estate which God hath bestowed upon me I give

and dispose thereof as followeth Imprimis I give and bequeath

unto my Cousins Elizabeth the Wife of Joshua Morris and

Dorothy Lane the two Daughters of my Brother John Lane the

summe of ffive pounds apiece of lawfull Money of Great Britain

to be paid them severally by my Executrix hereinafter named

within Twelve months next after my Decease Item I give and

bequeath unto my Cousins Martha Loyatt? Mary Susannah John

and Elizabeth the Sons and Daughters of my Brother Thomas

Lane deceased the summe of ffive pounds apiece of like lawfull

money of Great Britain to be paid them severally within

Twelve months next after my Decease by my Executrix Item

I give unto my Servant Henry Curtis the summe of fforty

shillings to be paid him within Twelve months next after my

Decease by my Executrix Item I give and bequeath all and

singular other my Estates whatsoever both reall and personall

goods chattles cattle moneys plate Rings Stock and creditts whatsoever

and wheresoever to my wellbeloved Wife Mary Lane She my

said Wife paying my just Debts Legacies and ffunerals And

I make my said Wife sole Executrix of this my Will And

revoking all former Wills do declare this to be my last Will and

Testament In Witness whereof I the said Testator have to

this my last Will sett my hand and Seal this One and Thirtieth

Day of July in the Tenth year of the Reign of our Sovereign

Lady Anne by the grace of God Queen over Great Britain       31 July 1711

(31t Anno?? D?d? 1711./. Elias Lane./. Signed Sealed published

and declared by the above named Elias Lane the Testator as

and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us

who have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses to the same

in his presence the mark of Mary D?enton Andrew Crispe #

Zarh: Allnutt /.    


Probatum fuit hujusmodi Testamentum apud    

London coram Venerabili Viro Roberto Wood Legum Dcor &

Surrogato Praehonorandi Viri Domini Caroli Hedges 

Militis Legum etiam Doctoris Curiae Praerogationis 

Cantuariensis Magistri Custodis sive Commissary Legitium

constituti Septimo die Mensis Augusti Anno Dni Millimo       7 August 1711

Septuagentesimo Undecimo Testamento Maria Lane Relicta

dicti Defuncti et Executricis ut dicto Testamento nominata

Cui commissa fuit Administratio omnium et singulorum

bonarium jurium et hereditorum dicti Defuncti De bene et fidel(iter)

administrando eadem ad Sta Dei Evangelia Jurat. Ext.




(The Testament in this form was Proved at   

London before the Venerable Robert Wood Dr of Laws &

Surrogate of the Most Honourable Master Charles Hedges

Knight of Laws also Doctor of the Prerogative Court   

of Canterbury (&) Master Keeper or Commissary of Legacies

constituted on the Seventh day of the Month of August in AD Thousandth

Sevenhundredth Eleventh by the Testament Mary Lane the Relict

of the said Deceased and of the Executrix as nominated by the said Testament

to Whom was committed the Administration of all and singular

goods laws and inheritances of the said Deceased For well and faithfully

administrating the same on the Holy Evangelia of God she Swears. Ext?)





Generation No. 2


2.  THOMAS2 LANE (ELIAS1) was born 1645 in High Wycombe, and died Bef. 1711.  He married (1) MARTHA.    He married (2) GRACE. 


Children of THOMAS LANE and MARTHA are:

                   i.       MARTHA3 LANE, b. 1681.

                  ii.       LOYATT LANE, b. 1682.

                 iii.       SUSSANAH LANE, b. January 8, 1684/85, High Wycombe.

                 iv.       JOHN LANE, b. December 3, 1687, High Wycombe.

                  v.       ELIZABETH LANE, b. 1688.

                 vi.       MARY LANE, b. March 11, 1682/83, High Wycombe.


Child of THOMAS LANE and GRACE is:

                vii.       GRACE3 LANE, b. 1677, High Wycombe.


3.  JOHN2 LANE (ELIAS1) was born 1647 in High Wycombe.  He married MARY. 


Children of JOHN LANE and MARY are:

                   i.       DOROTHY3 LANE, b. 1677, High Wycombe; m. JOHN PAGE.

4.               ii.       ELIZABETH LANE, b. January 1, 1674/75, High Wycombe.

                 iii.       MARY LANE, b. December 5, 1674.

                 iv.       JOHN LANE, b. November 7, 1678, High Wycombe.

                  v.       RICHARD LANE, b. May 30, 1680.

                 vi.       ELIAS LANE, b. October 19, 1681, High Wycombe.

                vii.       RICHARD LANE, b. October 5, 1684, High Wycombe.



Generation No. 3


4.  ELIZABETH3 LANE (JOHN2, ELIAS1) was born January 1, 1674/75 in High Wycombe.  She married JOSHUA MORRIS February 11, 1703/04 in All Saints High Wycombe. 



                   i.       ANN4 MORRIS.

                  ii.       DANIEL MORRIS.

                 iii.       LUCAS LANE MORRIS.