Sources of my information 

Besides thanking my grandparents Norman and Carrie Greenwood who are  no longer with us , for starting my lifelong interest in family history I should mention :

Hazel Langford whose research has overlapped mine and predates my work and for transcribing old documents relating to the Lanes

Jenny Sherwood for permission to publish her work on the Dwights and the pheasantries from the Berkhamsted History and Museum Society
Michelle HEYES of the Dwight family 
My mothers cousin Stanley Greenwood of Whitehole Farm Crimsworth Dean for his book 'History of Crimsworth Dean'

Other sources:

The National Archives
Paper Making in the British Isles by Alfred Shorter
Many newspaper articles from The Bucks advertiser and famers Journal
Lonsdales Keepers book,Lonsdale Press contributor SR Dwight