Will of George Lane ,paper maker

This is the last Will and Testament of me George Lane
of the parish of Chipping Wycombe in the County of Bucks paper maker I appoint my
Son George Lane of the borough of Chipping Wycombe baker also my Son Samuel Lane
of the same place baker my Executors I give to the said George Lane and Samuel Lane their
heirs executors admors and assigns all my real and personal estate and effects whatsoever
in trust and to be disposed of as follows first I direct that the freehold dwelling house in which
I now reside also my freehold dwelling house in the Borough of Chipping Wycombe in the
occupation of Williams Grimsddel  to be disposed of or let by public auction or by
private sale as my said Executors shall think proper also all my household furniture plate
linen stock in trade utensils and all my personal estate and effects wheresoever and of
whatsoever kind it may be all the proceeds of which sales after all my just debts and
funeral expences are paid I direct my said Executors to dispose of as follows I give to my wife
Hannah Lane for the term of her natural life all the interests arising therefrom for the term of
her natural life which should this not be found sufficient for her support I direct my said executors
to allow her a sufficiency for her support from the proceeds of sales and after her decease and funeral
expences are paid the residue I desire may be divided among my six children share and share
alike witness my hand this third day of March one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven
George Lane @ Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of us who and of each other
the day and year above written  Percival Wright #  Mary Crook #  Sarah King

Proved at London the 5th Octr 1827 before the Worshipful John Treachard Prichard(?)
Dr of Laws and Surrogate by the oath of George Lane the Son one of the Executors to whom
admon was granted having been first sworn duly to admr power reserved to Samuel Lane the Son
also the other Executor